Dreams…. Do you have a dream ?

When someone was asking me about my dreams… Suddenly I just answered ” Having a life hapiness” in the wake this, I be aware this is something wrong. Because I didn’t know what is a hapiness. If you have a dream, actually you could define your dreams.
This morning, when i was walking, my mind had vast imagination about my dreams. I asked to my self about my dreams. But i didn’t find out and no mind about this. So I just walked and walked.
I think that a hapiness is not a dream because a hapiness should reach everyday. Today you feel happy or not it’s depend on you. Because a happiness is’s not luck but must you achieve.
A Hapiness in the past is memories and a hapiness in the future is wishes. So a hapiness is today… And my opinion that a hapiness isn’t a dream.
Dream are precious. Dream are powelful. But dreams aren’t free. A real dream requires a price to be paid for its fulfillment. Once one works to clearly define his or her dream, it is important to understand that comitment will be required to accomplish it. Remember… Most of people used to begin something, but only handful people who could attain the finish . So if you have dreams … You must have a comitment to fullfilment your dreams.



Open your mind toward new paradigma

“Every man dies, not every man really lives”, says William Wallace in the movie Bravehearth. Many of us find our lives full of constraints with very little of what we might call living. Our career or ocupation started with excitement but has somehow become a dull routine. Even we begin to think that being busy in and of itself is a sign of success. Henryb David said ” it is not enough to busy, so too are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about ?” Busy, busy, busy . It must mean I’ m important.” well, what we found, actually,was that it just meant we were busy. and we were getting old in a hurry and had very little time to take notice.
We discovered that we we re wasting little bits of time on urgent but unimportant things that were literally robbing us of our productivity. And we were sacrificing enormous amounts of time to earn our paychecks that weren’t ever going to take us higher in life.
Don’t trade your hours for dollars. INVEST your time and efforts into something that will bring long term rewards.
In our lives, hopely we will gain the success. Thus we have opinion that success is a decision, and growing a business does not happen by accident ” victory occurs only by design, there is no such thing as luck.” So it is not something to be waited for, but, rather, something to be achieved. Some people think that if they work hard long enough they will achieve success, which simply isn’t true. This false notion might be based upon a common saying that unfortunately is only a partical truth: ” hard work is the key to success”. However, hard work is not the key, but only a component of success. Smart work combined with hard work over time is what produces results. How becomes smart work, we can apply the principle of victory by design to force our own version of success. To achieve something significant requires a plan. There must be a strategy. It must be spesific, focused,and scripted. Michael Gerber says ” a mature business knows how it got to be where it is, and what it must do to get where it wants to go. ”
Let’s talk about a person who has a leadership to leads and puts employee in a position to win the business. Leadership included vision,mission,purpose, dreams and the last is commitment.
1. Vision
Vision is tomorrow’s reality expressed as an idea today. Without a vision, the people will perish. ” everyone ends up somewhere in life, but few people end up somewhere on purpose.”
If your vision is for a year, plant wheat
If your vision is for ten years, plant trees
If your vision is for a lifetime, plant people
2. Mission
True leader are motivated by much more than money or material reward. At some point, it has to become a passion
3. Purpose
Having a vision and a mission to bring that vision to realityare nothing if not driven by a purpose. It’s called leading with the hearth.
4. Dreams
Dreams of a better future are critically necessary. The facts don’t count if you dream a big enough dream and thinking that such takl was fantasyland stuff.
Dream incorporates these three precepts into one
A battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to win.
What does it mean by a battle to fight.? Nothing happens automatically, it has to be forced, and one has to battle one’s way there. One must step out of the comfort zone and run against the grain.that takes effort. However like any worthwhile challenge, it is a fight that brings great rewards. Those rewards are what we refer to as ” dream”.
An adventure to live becomes part of the spice of life. The desire to have some adventure in your life in another type of dream, what might be called an action dream/ a dream to experience
A beauty to win refers mostly to lifelong companionship
5. Commitment
Leaders find a way to win. Victorious leaders share an inability to accept defeat.
Many people will do a few initial steps but won’t complete things. It’ s easyto find starters than finishers. Success is not normally complicated. It is usually a matter of hanging on long after everybody else has let go.
Success requires focus. Focus comes from having vision and mission, living with a purpose and goals. Our training system and mentoring process is designed to build commitment and help people maintain focus as they build their businesses.



History… Perlukah kau mengenangnya?

Anzac day in Australia was very evocative… When i was taking some pictures, I saw the smiling faces many people.
Before I tell you about what’s make me considerable feeling. I would like to tell about anzac day. Anzac day is a day for australian dan new zealand people celebrate people who sacrified themselve to face the war 1 & 2. Most of them have passed way but several people still are living today.
When I was going to see parade in queens street by train, I saw a family with father, mother , grandmother and a son. Glimpse The father looked very handsome with soldier’s uniform, fortunality I saw the beautiful moment, because the son seemingly was very proud to his father. Could be he thinks “today my father is very handsome with soldier’s uniform, somedays I would like to resemble my father when I will celebrate anzac day.
Finally the wake of I waited 2 hours to look at parade, I am very satisfated , extraordinary and unexpected. I have a alluring experience because I was able to look at smiling face from old people who have struggled in war. They seemingly was very proud to their struggling. Today all exhausted, tears,worried have paid with smiling face. Even, today they are walking more elegant than other days. Futhermore they like are walking in the red carpet and wearing the beautiful clothes.
Now, I am sitting and writing my experience in the teather of museum brisbane.
Hopely my country will have a moment like this. After i had this experience, I aware that my country has many brave heros and beautiful culture. But amount of people in my country is underestimate toward own history.






Talent x investment = strength


You cannot be anything you want to be- but you can be a lot more of who you already are

Kadang dalam hidup kita mengenal paradigma yang salah. Banyak orang tua atau guru bahkan para manager di sekeliling kita membuat kita terjebak dalam ” berpusat pada kesalahan yang kita buat.” Sehingga kita lupa bahwa dibalik kelemahan kita masih banyak strength/ kekuatan yang dibiarkan begitu saja.
Kita lupa untuk mengembangkan kekuatan kita karena kita sibuk dengan kelemahan yang kita punya. Padahal yang namanya talenta bukanlah yang terutama dalam mencapai kesuksesan.
Karena banyak orang yang bertalentalah yang berhasil mencapai suksesnya. Mengapa begitu ? Jawabannya mudah….

Sukses = focus on the strength
Talenta x investment = strength

Karena talenta itu gifted = tidak bisa diubah ( natural thinking, feeling or behaving)
Yang bisa diubah adalah = investment ( time spent practicing, developing skills and building your knowledge base)
Hasil perkalian dari keduanya adalah strength ( the ability of consistenly provide near- perfect performance)

Jadi untuk membuat anak anda atau bahkan diri anda mencapai kesuksesan. Fokuslah pada investment sekarang dg practice dan memperkaya diri anda dengan banyak knowledge bahkan force diri untuk menjadi lebih baik.

Tidak ada 1 orangpun di dunia ini yang bisa memaksa untuk belajar
Belajar – sukses
Dalam mencapai sukses orang harus belajar
dalam belajar orang bisa salah.
Dalam kesalahan orang belajar untuk mengetahui bagaimana cara mencapai yang benar
Jadi jika anda merasa salah… Berarti 2 tahap yang sudah anda pelajari… Yg pertama kesalahan itu sendiri kemudian anda akan belajar bagaimana selanjutnya supaya tidak salah lagi.
Mudah bukan ?

Maklum ini dikarenakan saya sering melakukan kesalahan terutama kalau masalah menghafalkan jalan. Jadi sering kesasar, kalau ga kesasar ya ga tau jalan yang benar.